Cosmic Element Bentonite Clay Powder 100% Pure & Unrefined 1 lbs/16 Ounce Premium Calcium Bentonite Clay - Heavy Metal Detox and Cleanse ! Sourced from India

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Bentonite Clay Powder

Bentonite Clay Powder

Bentonite Clay Powder


Bentonite Clay or Montmorillonite Clay has been used by different cultures throughout history to detoxify the body. It can be used internally or externally as it actively draws out toxins and is packed with nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, Sodium, Copper, Iron, and Potassium. It helps replenish vitamins and minerals, and helps alkalize the body. This powerful healing clay is often used in clay masks, clay poultice, tooth powder, mud packs, mud baths, and other skin care recipes. With its velveteen feel and non-staining powder, this odorless clay has amazing benefits that explain why it has been gaining popularity over the years.


From this sodium bentonite clay, you can create a handful of wonderful products that can help you achieve smoother skin and a healthier body. Create a poultice for bites, burns, cuts, and stings; soak in a relaxing detox clay bath to help reduce stress; or use it as a remineralizing tooth powder to help naturally whiten teeth.


Instead of going out for expensive spa treatments, you can have your own spa party in the comforts of your home with our affordable healing clay. Bentonite clay works perfectly on all skin types. It is a great ingredient for facial masks that tighten, shrink, and cleanse pores as it tones and exfoliates the skin while removing impurities.

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Natural Product

  • Introductory Price ! New Launch ! Limited Time ! 1 Pack has16 Oz Net Weight of the Product ! External Use Only ! !
  • Skin Care: Deep skin pore cleansing, detoxifying and revitalization; works on all skin type; clay makes a great facial mask for shrinking pores, tightening & toning skin and removing impurities.
  • Clay baths and foot soaks draw toxins from the skin & through the pores. Known to help soothing skin conditions such as cuts, bruises, insect bites, bee stings, etc.
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay has electromagnetic properties making it very absorbent and helpful for drawing out Metals and Toxins.
  • Made in Colorado. Why pay for expansive spa facial treatments when you can get the same results at home quite easily for a fraction of the cost? Purchase with complete peace of mind. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your entire purchase.

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Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder, Vegan Bentonite Clay Food Grade, Healing Clay for Face Mask Skin Care Detox, Clay Mask for Blackheads and Pores, 8 ounce - Cosmic Element