Vitamin C Serum for Face with Hyaluronic Acid, Face Serum with Vitamin E for Anti Aging, Vegan Facial Serum with Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel, 1 ounce - Cosmic Element

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Worried about sagging skin?

Want to look youthful but your dry and sensitive skin is getting harder to manage?

Unlike other serums, ours is suitable for all skin types. Whether you have dry, sensitive, or oily skin, you can ensure that our vitamin C with hyaluronic acid serum for face is safe. There’s no need to worry about any icky feeling too. Just apply a small amount (1-2 drops) daily to your cleansed and toned face, neck, and decollate and notice the difference.

Are your face care products too expensive?

As we age, our skin starts to lose moisture resulting in drier, thinner, and less elastic skin.


Youthful Glow

This is a normal part of growing old, but it doesn’t have to mean you’ll just live with it when you can maintain a youthful appearance. You can take care of your skin and keep your youthful glow without undergoing any medical procedures that are not only dangerous to your health, but to your bank account too.

Stay Hydrated

Imagine if there was a skin care product that can help keep your skin firmer, hydrated, and healthier. Looking fresh and younger is possible with Cosmic Element!

20% Vitamin C

Our serum contains a perfect blend of 20% Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and witch hazel. It is a concentrated delivery system for the highest form of active, bioavailable vitamin C suspended in a concentrated base of pure vegan hyaluronic acid, to achieve beautiful and youthful skin.

Established in 2015, Cosmic Element is a family owned company whose primary focus is to provide natural products.

You can ensure that our vit c serum for face has no parabens, petroleum, phthalates, artificial color or fragrances. We only provide you with effective and natural face products to assure your safety while keeping your skin glowing. It’s time to add our Vitamin C for face collagen serum to your daily skin care routine so you can achieve that charming, smooth, and glowing complexion that you can flaunt about!
  • KEEP YOUR SKIN HYDRATED - The combination of hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vitamin C and vitamin E creates a hydrating effect on your skin. Our serum decreases the water loss, allowing your skin to retain moisture and look healthy.
  • PROTECT YOUR SKIN - Our vitamin c serum for face with hyaluronic acid protects your skin from sun damage, wrinkles, and pigmentation. This vitamin c face serum also contains witch hazel which helps treat certain skin conditions.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO WRINKLES - Our serum for face is made with ingredients that help you get rid of wrinkles. Vitamin C soothes the skin, while hyaluronic acid helps alleviate dryness and reduce fine lines for smoother, plumper skin.
  • REGENERATE YOUR SKIN - Aloe vera and vitamin E play an important role in conditioning the skin as they enable the regeneration of skin cells. Our face serum helps you achieve an even-toned complexion so you can have glowing skin.
  • ACHIEVE YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN - Our brightening serum helps improve collagen and antioxidant levels. It reduces inflammation and provides brighter and younger looking skin, and also absorbs quickly with no greasy or sticky residue.

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